Our Mission

Arasan Trust strives to connect ethnic communities in Aotearoa New Zealand, and aims to facilitate friendship, understanding and harmony between Aotearoa communities. Arasan’s core values are:

  • Respect – respect the community that we live in, and the diversity it provides. Arasan Trust aims to work with local communities to share knowledge and understanding between community groups, and in particular aims to create awareness of Matauranga Maori within the minority and ethnic groups in Aotearoa.
  • Connect – connect different communities through activities of mutual interest, such as sporting and cultural events. Arasan aims to build understanding and friendship through connecting people and communities through sport tournaments and cultural events such as the celebration of festivals.
  • Empower – work together with the community to understand and empower minority and marginalised groups through organising training and networking events, liaising with government to create awareness of opportunities and vice versa.
  • Educate – educate local communities through sharing of news/knowledge of events/practices

Our Vision

A level playing field for all of Aotearoa

Arasan is devoted to promoting and preserving the Tamil culture & heritage,and fostering understanding,
friendship,goodwill,appreciation and participation between the Tamil and other ethnic communities around New Zealand.